After Inigo Kennedy's podcast, it's time for our 5th anniversary second guest to illuminate your week : Milton Bradley delivers us a 1h mix as good as we dreamed. A progressive and hypnotic journey, punctuated with acid touchs.

- You seem detached to all trends related to Techno. Do you think music should be attemporal? Do you think your music is attemporal?
Honestly, i am not the biggest fan of following trends. There is always somebody who has been ahead of the times and did it - long before it came into vogue. It should be more important to be upfront than being up to date in my opinion. At first it's music and music should not have an expiration date. It's just music to me. If its good – you can still play it even if it's lots of years old. I have no clue about my music, let's wait and see what people might say in 10 or 20 years.

- You keep saying that you were more or less bored of all this techno thing between late 90s and late 00s. What did you do during this time ?
I turned my attention to my other interests and on the regular daytime job i had that time. Musicwise I only was focussed on looking for records i still have missed in my collection.

- We are big fans of The End Of All existence releases. We believe they perfectly fit warmup sets with all the tension and slowness, bringing tension. Are you interested in or asked for playing this kind of set ?
Beside the liveshow at the Atonal Festival i already played dj-sets with music like that. Not very often but i did, i remember one at Moscow's Arma17 club and Tokio and so on. It's nice to do that sometimes but in my opinion the whole event should also fit to this kind of music.

- You mentioned in previous interviews that you were interested in Mathematics, sciences and other technical topics. Is this something coming from a different background that people don't know about ?
I have always been interested in stuff like that since my childhood. I remember that i borrowed all the books about science n'stuff from the library next to our house. I was experimenting a lot and I was also working at my computer which i got very early.

- What relation do you see between sciences and music? Do you consider making music as something rational?
Let me just quote the astronomer Galileo Galilei: „the entire universe is written in the language of mathematics, and indeed it is remarkable the extent to which science and society are governed by mathematical ideas. It is perhaps even more surprising that music, with all its passion and emotion, is also based upon mathematical relationships. Such musical notions as octaves, chords, scales, and keys can all be demystified and understood logically using simple mathematics.“ Would i consider making music as something rational? Yes and No. YES, because a track itself follows some rational, „mathmatical“ structures and NO, because it is made of „unrational“ human emotions and it also evokes them.

- Everything you do is part of a concept. As an artist, is it important to you to have a more global view than just focusing on music?
Most of my stuff comes out of different feelings and/or visions i had, i want to express myself with music and the concept is the global thing arround the idea/vision/feeling i want to express. I want to say something with the stuff i am doing and i want to fill things with content, i don't want to do music like a „machine“ without thinking. A more global view helps to understand the world that surrounds me.

- When you talk about techno and music in general, everything sounds really serious and precise. That's also something we feel with many artists being part of the so called "dark" techno scene. Can Techno be fun and happy?
Beeing happy doesnt mean to me that you are only smiling all the time and things like that, it's also some kind of beeing satisfied or having a good mood. In my opinion: at the end, techno (or music in general) is fun. Why are people making or listening to music? Because it makes them happy, or it's satisfying them in a way even if they want to give vent to their pain. I mean, if you are going to a club and they are playing music you like and you probably feel good with the people who are surrounding you … you are also some kind of happy. I am not the biggest fan of calling it "dark techno" this is currently a more hype thing i guess. Darkness is a state of mind, if you don't feel - don't do it. I am also listening to so called "happy music" but darker sounds are more serious and it fits more to my feelings, i would say.

- You will play with Inigo Kennedy on the 13th of february at La Machine. What can you tell us about him?
I only met him once a couple of years ago in London. Seems to be a nice, passionated guy that is doing music since a long time. He has also a large and diverse back catalogue of releases. I have a couple of his records at home.  

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