One day before his first gig in France, we asked some questions to Ron Albrecht. Former club owner and long-time player in Germany, he lately joined the Dystopian crew.

You're one of this generation of DJs with few productions. Do you feel some pressure from system to produce music in order to get more visibility?

No, not at all. I'm aware that producing is important and necessary to get into focus but i don't feel any pressure. I'm 44 now, I learned to take it easy and still enjoy what I do, i don't have a masterplan. Djing as well is a possibility to express myself. But of course, there will come up new tracks in the future.


How do you pgenheit iroceed as a producer for collaboran, I’m especially thinking about the Brothers in Mind project?

We use the studio of Stefan Rein, my longtime friend and partner, for all our productions which is ideal. We absolutely talk the same language when it comes tu music and everyone of us contributes his ideas and visions. Clearly, Stefan is the bigger technic nerd, he has ideas about new hardware all the time. I think we complement each other very well.


Would you be willing to experience collaboration for a DJ set as well?

Absolutely. From time to time I already play together with Stefan Rein as “Brothers in Mind”. It's extra fun every time and you never know exactly where the musical journey will take you to. In our sets we have a guideline, that is techno, but we push each other so much, it can happen that we both pick the same record simultaneously.


It seems that it's your first gig in Paris. Also the majority of your gigs were in Germany until now. But recently you seem to get more international. How do you feel about this?

Yes, that's true, it's the first time in Paris for me and I'm really looking forward! I really enjoy playing DJ gigs around Germany but it's extra exciting to travel abroad, to see different countries and people and I'm always trying to experience as much as I can besides the party. I'm still at the beginning buts it's nice to see that it works so well around Europe as well.


Do you manage to find the same energy that you had in your own club before it was over? Or is it something you’re looking for?

Yes, I do. I often experienced parties which reminded me of my time as a resident Dj at my own club and where I managed to find the same energy as at “Gerberei Club”. After so many years, I'm able to do comparisons and that helps me to classify things properly. I don't changed as a DJ, only thing new is a larger public interest in me as a DJ.


You created your label the same year as Gerberei club closure. Was it the opportunity for you to go for something new after this very long experience?

Yes, you can say it like this. Stefan Rein came up with the idea of running a label together when Gerberei Club was sill open but I didn't had the time to do both then. So after the club closed, I joined and put my focus on the label.


What is your approach with your labels? Is there a specific aesthetic behind each?

The revolution of music is not the approach, we just want to produce tracks we would love to buy ourselves, to deliver quality music. Beyond that, we intend to work with artists who are friends, as we already did with Avion, Andre Kronert and Blind Observatory and do with Alex.Do and Distant Echoes now. 


How do they articulate with Dystopian? You share a lot of artists together.

We just like Dystopians musical output, their artwork and follow them with special interest as I'm part of their roster. But we are autonomous labels and we don't share artists together. The idea for our collaboration with Alex.Do and Distant Echoes just came up at a party where we all played together and happens just on the basement of friendship and because we are very confident with the remixes both did for Pure Traxx 004.


Ron Albrecht will play at Petit Bain in Paris on the 06th of november (Facebook event).



Ron Albrecht

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