He will be playing this friday at Glazart (Paris): Sawlin talked to us about his vision of the techno scene and his career in general.

- We recently interviewed Morbeck, can you tell us the first time you met him and how you became friends?

We met each other in a circus. I worked there as audio engineer. I remember this time Moerbeck was producing more Hip-Hop. I played some of my tracks (2006) on the circus pa. After that he came to me and we had a lot of talks. Fast we realized that we share the same humor and attitude. We were curious and hungry to find our place in music. It was a very exciting time. After a short time we knew that we wanted to do more together. I think one year later we played live around berlin. But you can't find anything about that. We erased everything we could find.


- He talked to us about your common upcoming projects. How do you decide on which label will go a track you just finished?

I always look around what my situation is. And it's similar to decide a friend. They should share the same attitude and values. And of course the track should fits in their musical identity. Fortunately, till today they decided for me. But I’m also bad in this kind of business things. Hope that never change.


- The fact that your friend Subjected created a label was the first big step in your career. It seems to be like that for many young artists who don’t get the chance to expose their music and finally create their own label. How do you see or explain that?

I have a mastering company (precision berlin mastering). But as an artist I can say, it's absolutely important to have a label on your side. No matter when it ́s your own or a union with some of your friends. As I know that bizz, many labels want to release something that brings money or that brings their own status on a higher level. Whether that's good or bad, I can not judge. Of couse a label has to decide economically. But as a musician you have to know that and must not fall into a business romantic... As me in the beginning... what counts is the effect. Not the performance!!! I guess i have a better point of view from inside. Nobody takes serious what you do, if you don’t have your own vinyl. That “everything is about music”, is an illusion. It ́s about an “image”. Fake success and deceive quality. Both is possible (to be on vinyl is one of that fake, not everything on vinyl is better than a mp3, but many people want to believe that or know that other people believe that) and be always one step ahead. Nowadays you don't have much quality controls... or a kind of... till to the mp3 and internet revolution it was magazines, tv and radio. There were real and more free journalists. With payed issues they could afford that. And that’s why the most of the artists from that time are still famous. Sometimes even without any new records. The most biggest names in the scene don't have really cool or innovative music. From what I conclude that it is not only about music. And from a certain threshold it doesn't matter what you do. It is much fancied. Because people like an image or livestyle. His/her follower do not question that. As a real musician since 15 years and mastering engineer I take me the right to say that ... and I wish everything is more about music... or don’t believe the hype. :p As i notice many people know that. Most people dare not to speak that out. Because they are then attacked with... they are jealous or frustrated. and without adequate expertise you're going to quickly get problems.

The other problem is, you need releases without a break. If your break is to big, the people will forget your name and work. And if you want to play live or dj, (the only source of income) you are dependent from that. And you have to start from the beginning again. With your own label you can release whenever you want or need. But it also depends on your size in business.


- Do you think your career would have been the same if you started by releasing on someone else label?

That's a good question I never thought about it. I think one of the success of Vault Series was Subjected amazing work. He knows much about the mechanism in the bizz. On the other hand we all had a wide spectrum of music and we were courageous. If I'm honest, I do not know how the run is all the time. Nowadays it's hard to overlook where you are. I ́m mostly surprised when people telling me, they know me or describe my developing.


- You only play live, which can be a quite redundant exercise for an artist. How do you make it “new” every time? - Are you using the same setup live and in the studio? Can you tell us what are your favorite toys?

I slice my song in single parts and add every show a new song or parts. Often from songs I just made. Then i sort it certainly for the club I play. Sometimes faster sometimes slower. Or more loop based or more entertaining. I think every 3 month I have a complete new set. And sometimes I improvise. I take for the shows some of my devices that I also use in my studio. I don't have an extra set for live. My Important pieces are my ipads. It's very innovative to use. Especially for live. many people want to see what i do. And it's perfect to move and control the effect, drone and pad sounds (borderlands granular). On the other iPad i make much percussion (diode 108). Which is very haptic. And i can prepare (or record sounds for sampling) both in the plane or airport if necessary. There are many ways to sounds always different.


- What are your upcoming projects?

I am currently preparing an ep for Code is law, after that one for Vault Series and there will be a remix ep of my album “ursprung”. That's what I know this moment. But there are much more tracks out there. When they are out, i want more distance from the music buzz. Back to passion. And more mastering. Nobody can fake these kind of work, the work is more worthwhile.....i don ́t talk about money ;) And I love that.

To support each other, I'm giving here a mastering for one track for free. Just load up a snippet in the comments of this interview, and we'll choose the best track and I will master it. Better chance to get a release with a proper mastered demosong. And on that way I support creative and innovative music!







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