Sequences is a serie of  electronic live sessions, broadcasted on the french national tv website Culturebox. Among other artists like Chloé, Death in Vegas, Arnaud Rebotini, Etienne Jaumet, Ricardo Tobar, Ben Vedren, ... Shifted has been invited to perform a 30 minutes lives that will soon be available. We had a chat with Shifted right after the shooting of his live.  

- How did you prepare this live compared to a normal live?

Actually, there was not a huge amount of preparation that you can do. I tri to make it improvised as much as possible in terms of the structure of it and in terms of sounds. There is no real way for me to make it the same every time, it’s kind of difficult to get exactly the same sound. I’m not using any presets for it and what I bring with my computer is texture sounds, little field recordings and stuff I processed. It kind of forced it to be different every time and kind of forced me to not prepare it too much. I had kind of an idea of what I was gonna do, it’s slicely slower than what it would be in a night club, about 5bpm slower because I thought it would be more acceptable basically.

- Did you bring more gears than usual?

Actually, that’s totally my usual setup. I brought a couple of extra pedals but that’s my regular setup.



@Vincent Ducard


- In this project, the process is as much important as the music. Is it something you care about in your work in general?

I’m quite private in the way I make music. There is generally nobody around. And even in a nightclub, the focus is not really on you, it’s on the party, people enjoying themselves or whatever. At least the focus shouldn’t be on the dj or the artist. So this is pretty out my « confidence », standing and doing my things who I found quite difficult. But I think I managed to get through it.


- Sequences also gives the opportunity to see very closely how we actually make techno. Which is something the majority of people have no idea. Most of them think it’s a computer music but in your live we see every piece of gear you use and there is something really didactic. Do you think it’s important?

Yes, I think it becomes more physical. I could never just stand in front of a laptop with a recorded live, whatever you fell like it is. It’s some kind of a grey area in between when people are doing that I think. There is a lot that can go wrong with my kind of setup. But I think that’s the beauty of it. People get to see the mistakes as well, and mistakes are quite often interesting.


- Your live will be mixed in 3D audio, what do you expect?

I’m really interested to hear it. It will be the first time and that will be a new experience. I tried not to think too much about it before hands. I decided to play as I usually play and then hope for the best.


- Your music is quite a good exercice for a 3D mix because it’s only made of sounds and textures, there is no melody. How important is the process of mixing compared to the process of composing?

The mix will be very important for it to sound good through a television or a small setup. For sure. Most of my music is about processing, even in the studio. It’s about taking a sound and bending it as much as possible, making it move on its own. So in my studio, processing is the most important thing. I’ve been doing a live now for maybe 18 months and it’s only recently that I’ve started to really get it and to make it move the way I really wanted to. It basically takes having a lot of pedals and a lot of processing that I can do on the fly. And I will always do something wrong, like I will turn something up to loud or the feedback will be going to long and I kind of fuck up my flow sometimes but again it’s just how you make it live, sometimes it sounds really cool when I make a mistake.


- Last year, we heard some of the Sequences projects in a big room with about 30 speakers around. The experience was really interesting. Is it the kind of performance you would be interested in?

Yes, totally. A company from Amsterdam that does 3 sound asked me last year if I wanted to do something but unfortunately I was running out of time, I was too busy, but it’s something I’d like to get involved with at some point.



@Vincent Ducard

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