Hector Sandoval, one half of Exium, is also known for his Tensal solo project. Meeting right after his latest release Cause Effect on PoleGroup.

- How do you describe Tensal project compared to Exium?

Tensal is more direct and minimalist. The idea behind it is creating a DJ tool, something that other people can use in their sets. Exium is more complex, its range is broader and it delves into a wider sound palette.


- Tensal is a solo project, where Exium is a duo. Are there some musical ideas that you couldn't explore with Exium?

I guess that Tensal responds to evolution. The process is not as thoughtful and reflexive as it is with Exium, because I don't need to ask anybody if I can put anything in or take it out of a track, and that means I am free to think and act quickly. Exium is a duo, and we need to agree on things. So in a way, yes, Tensal opens up other kinds of opportunities.


- Do you use the same machines/plugins when making music for Tensal and for Exium?

In some cases, yes. But not always. In a way, the thread that runs through all of Tensal is the classic synth lines, which is not necessarily the case with Exium.


- You mainly release on your own label, why? Don't you have the same freedom when you release on other labels?

 I actually get many offers to collaborate with other labels, but I usually turn down about 95 % of them. Nobody has ever told me to follow a specific line. I set up Tensal Recordings to issue my own materials, and that allows me to control and decide when to release a particular piece of work. I am open to releasing with other record companies, but it has to be a project that adds value to my music. Otherwise, I'd rather stay with my own label.




- Where would be the best place to listen to your music if it was not in a club?

That's an interesting question. I think that a great place would be in space.


- We really like the groove and the energy you manage to create in your tracks. If you could give a production advice, what would it be?

 My advice would be to listen to music before you try making your own. I also believe that you need to think a lot before you do anything. To think about what you want to say and why. To be a good producer, you need a love for sound. I sometimes get the impression that most people don't really go over their ideas before they start producing.


- If you could choose someone to remix one of your track. What would be your dream?

I would love it if Aphex Twin remixed one of my tracks.


- You have a pretty busy release planning. What are your upcoming projects with Tensal and Exium?

PoleGroup has just issued an EP by Tensal and I'll soon be releasing a remix of the Abstract Division album. After that I'll publish a trilogy in my own label: three 10" records with two tracks apiece. It's going to be a 300 copy limited edition, made up of Tensal tracks that have been waiting to be released. It will be called Archives. I'm also working on a maxi for a very good label, but I cannot say which one yet.

Exium is releasing an album with Nheoma in the coming weeks, and we're working on a series of collaborations that will be announced towards the end of the year. We're also preparing a maxi for PoleGroup, which will be put out next year, as well as some remixes.







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