Discovered thanks to Subjected and his Vault Series label, Mistake Made are our guests for this 73rd episod. In order to know a bit more about them, we also asked them some questions.

- Can you tell me a bit more about you two? Who are you and how did you start making music together?

We grew up as school friends near Berlin and started making music together when we were 15 or so, playing in a Rock band.  You know, just the typical teenager band writing songs and covering the bands we loved. Afterwards we tried – and failed - to play Jazz and and even some Hip Hop, not because we were huge fans of it, just for the fun of playing. There was a guy in our band who introduced us to Detroit Techno so we listened to it for a couple of years. And at some point we became more and more involved with it and started trying ourselves.

- We don’t really feel those influences you had before in your music. For people who made Hip-Hop, Rock and Jazz before I would have expected more unstructured tracks or at least less typical techno sounds. Do you think those previous projects had an impact somewhere? On the way you make music or on the music itself?

At least Rock had an influence on our music. We like using distortion which definitely comes from this background. Maybe that’s how we got to release on Vault Series, because they have this distorted sound too. Maybe having played together in various bands has an effect on how we work together in the studio. Each of us knows what the other one likes (and sometimes we hate each other for it). But over the years we learned how to find a compromise between two different tastes.

- How do you consider mistakes in the process of making music?

Mistakes are what keep it interesting. We both like this kind of music that is not absolutely perfect. Be it a badly recorded Jazz record, a broken amplifier or a bit too much distortion on a techno track. It adds something to the music. Sometimes it’s an extra bit of weirdness, sometimes it’s about the human feel. But that’s not where our name comes from :)

- Where does it come from then?

It actually refers to that moment or feeling you have when a mistake has been made, a real mistake. A mistake that caused some serious trouble. When it happened you look at the damage done but at the same time you have to look forward and think about how to get over it. So it’s kind of a mixture between sadness and confidence.

- How do you create a « not perfect » music?

With « not perfect » we mean that there can always be some dirt between the sounds and the sounds themselves can always be somewhat « disturbing ». It just happens when we try things out in the studio. Sometimes, when we find a sound or pattern that leaves question marks in our heads like: « Ok, we’re not sure if this makes any sense at all » then most probably we’d use exactly this sound or pattern for a track.

- What are you using to make music? computer? synths? machines?

All of it. Sure, the computer is the centre and then there’s a couple of synths and effects. Also a lot of field recordings.

- Computers tend to make everything clean and predictible in terms of production. What is your view on this point?

You can make some real crazy shit with a computer ;)

- Yes but they are planned, it’s rare to have unpredictable sounds isn’t it? I mean compared to live recordings with instruments.

For sure, even if you think you know your synthesizer you can never be sure to produce the same sound twice, not even when using the same settings. But in the end it’s not about where a sound comes from, It’s about how you process it. And that’s the point where even computer sounds become unpredictable.

- How did you get in touch with Subjected? Vault Series is a pretty big label for a first signature.

It was a lucky incident. We met him in summer 2013 and ended up talking about music the whole afternoon. Then we didn’t see or hear each other for a while. At some point we just send him two tracks but it was never meant as a demo for the label. Back then Vault Series had a fixed artist roster and we thought there was no room for additional artists anyway. We just wanted to hear Subjected’s thoughts on our music trying to find out what we could improve. After a while he got back to us asking if we wanted to release it on Vault. It was very surprising and we were really happy about it. At the same time we thought « Are you sure? » Because we couldn’t even tell if our music fit the Vault Series sound. But he assured us it would fit.

- What are your upcoming projects after that?

The next release is going to be Vault Series 17.0. A four track EP out in May or June. And each one of us is also working individually on his own music that’s a bit different from Mistake Made. We hope to release some of this in late 2015 but can’t tell an exact date yet.

- Do you guys also dj or play live as Mistake Made?

We DJ together but also individually. But at the moment we’re more focussed on working on our own music.

- Do you plan to play live as well?

We love DJing. But it would surely make sense to play live since we have this band/live background. We’re always discussing the pros and cons of playing live. It takes a lot of time to prepare it … but we’re not saying it’s never going to happen.


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