The day after the release of his latest ep "Diffy" on his own label Format, Juan Sanchez is our Podcast guest.

- Amsterdam has changed a lot in the recent years. New places have open, some legendary clubs just closed and we see more and more out of clubs events. As one of Amsterdam's techno head, how do you see these changes?
I'm very happy about the current situation in Amsterdam, the energy in the city is great. We have so many great parties here every weekend. 
Many great artist, international and national, play here, often it's hard to choose where to go. I think that the Amsterdam techno scene has made a big step forward over the last 10 years. ADE; the 24 hour permits; and the open-mindedness towards each other, no matter what kind of music you play or make, all played mayor roles in the rise of Amsterdam. 
- You're going to release a new ep, with remixes by Jeroen Search and Andre Kronert. What's your story with each of them?
I did a remix for Andre on Stockholm LTD, Pär Grindvik's label. He's a very nice guy and I like his sound a lot so I asked him to remix one of my tracks for the new EP. Jeroen has been putting out proper techno for quite a while, we are in the same bookings agency, Gloam, now so I dared to ask him for a remix. Also will he play a live set on my FORMAT stage during Amsterdam Open Air this June.
- You will celebrate your label, Format, 2 years birthday in may. How do you look back at what has been done, and what are the upcoming projects for the label?
Time flies! It feels like yesterday really, but I have to say that I'm very happy with the music that I've released so far.
I hope that people know what the label stands for by now, sound wise. In the near future, there is a new Doka EP coming up including a remix from TWR72. Also Flug will do a new EP later this year. 
- What are your solo upcoming projects after that release?
I'm working on a new Drumcode release. I've been quite active in the studio lately, so there is some exciting stuff in the pipeline. I will also work on new tracks for my next FORMAT release. Hopefully it could see the light of day somewhere at the end of this year.
- If you were not making music, what would you be doing?
I never really thought about it to be honest. Music has always been the number one thing in life for me.  I think that I wouldn’t be very happy. 



Juan Sanchez

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