The29nov Films member and punk influenced DJ, Sebastian Kökow will play at Krake Festival, Killekill label festival, at the end of the month.

- Before we talk about music, can you tell us where you come from, what you do beside The29nov Films and your DJ career?

I have a dayjob in a factory and do the videos and djing in my sparetime. This way I am independent and can take only gigs I really want to do. And also about the videos, I can do what I want and don't need to run after money or so.


- How did you get into techno? Do you remember a specific experience that made you decide you wanted to DJ?

Of course, when I was a child there was rave music like Mayday and Rotterdam stuff already, which I liked, but I got more into Punk later. When I finally discovered techno I liked it immediately. Because the parties would go on for longer and because I just loved the music! I loved stuff like Hardsequencer "Braincrash". Bomb!


- You will be playing at Krake Festival in July. How did your story with Killekill begin?

Nico got in touch if we would like to make videos for the first Killekill release. I made 5 videos for the whole EP and when I moved to Berlin we got friends. We have a lot in common, our punk background for example and the fact, that we both love extreme and radical approaches to music, whatever style it is.


- You don’t produce music yet. Have you ever tried? How would you compare the process of making music vs making a video clip? 

I couldn't really compare this, as for the videos I mostly work with found footage.


- Since it’s all about imagination, do you think you could make music based on images or video clips?

Possibly yes. Have never tried it yet.


 - What is your first step in choosing the video for each clip? What sparks your idea for the clip?

It's a very intuitive process. Whatever clicks with me makes the starting point: The track title, the sound, certain elements whatever.


- If I’m not wrong, you’re celebrating The29nov Films 10 years birthday this year. How did your concept of this duo evolve with the time and where do you want to go with it? Do you want it to evolve? Do you see yourself producing video clips forever?

Yes, that's right. In november we will have our 10th birthday!

Kevin and me were in a band at that time, but soon after that started making videos for tracks we like. We never asked the labels, we just made them for ourselves, just because we liked the tracks and felt like doing it. There was no long term perspective in it. And that's actually still the case. We do it, but we don't have a concept of where this should lead to…

What is for sure is that we will start a label with Killekill for our 10th anniversary. First release will be a compilation with tracks by a lot of friends. Track list is quite impressive...






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