You said hollidays? Let's travel and meet the owner and resident of Gare in Porto, one of Portugal's best club: Amulador.


- How did you get into techno and when did you start mixing?

Like others, i was exposed to the rave scene in the 90´s. Porto and other cities had regular parties bringing the best international DJs alligned with our portuguese best ones. Being exposed to these wonderful and new electronic sounds led me to colect more of this music. I worked as well in Bimotor DJ, which was a big store at the time, importing the relevant releases. From collecting to mixing was a little step and i found myself DJing at the Porto´s iconic boat after-hours.
The rest is history.


- Portugal is not a name we spontaneously associate with Techno. How is the scene there?

Hum, maybe it can be not so visible abroad, but Techno is one of the main styles in Portugal, and apart some ups and downs, the scene was evergrowing since middle 90´s until today, with some artists constantly releasing music and playing all over Europe and globally. With another Techno boom in recent years, more producers and DJs entered the scene and put it on the spotlight again. People like Lewis Fautzi, V i L or Shcuro for example, are throwing Techno forward, so the scene is very strong here.


- You're the general manager of Gare Club. How did the club start and what's your story with this club?

As i said before, i was DJing, throwing parties and working at the music store.
Me, Gustavo (my mate in Freshkitos) and Nuno, had this will of taking the next step and build something new, from our previous experiences.
Porto had other clubs, but somehow a house like Gare was needed to rejoin the party people and to celebrate the club scene in one of its strongest cities.
Gare´s architecture and atmosphere just applied to us, and here we are, 8 years old, alive and kicking!


- What made Gare Club’s success all over Europe in your opinion?

Maybe the fact we are not a central country in the scene, but mainly its architecture which gives us that underground atmosphere. Our public is very enthusiastic and devoted, really supporting the DJ and the overall party feeling.
Over the past years we came to occupy a special position on most of our crowd's heart but that goes for a lot of artists as well who consider it one of their favourite clubs, not hidding it when they come to play here. That means a lot to us and we feel very honoured, and also motivated to work relentlessly to fulfill our crowd´s dreams.


- It seems you appear mostly on techno night in Gare club, plus your sets are essentially built around techno tracks. Though, the club is not only about techno music but also many different styles. How do you manage such an artistic direction?

My musical direction with Amulador goes a bit deeper and innerwards, sublimating the best of Techno and Ambient but
as a club we do a service to the community, so it´s a duty to cover all different styles and dynamics within the dance music, bringing you the freshest artists, but also the ones who always were crucial to the development of the scene.
Techno happens to be strong here, because it also reflects the city´s taste for strong and uplifting sonorities but definitely Gare is about more than that. Electronic music is very rich, and we want to expose all of its sides.


- Sometimes clubs that have a strong musical identity develop this identity with the addition of a label. Is this something you would consider?

Yes, this is something we have been planning for a longtime, and we can already advance that the first release will be out next year. We wanted to take the right steps in this process and you can expect a big debut, that´s all we can say for now.


- When will we have the pleasure to listen to your own productions?

I wish i had more time! We used to have a little studio, where i and some closer friends brought our gear to play a bit.
This is something i really want to do, but as you know, music production is something that needs your time and full dedication. It will happen eventually soon!







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